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How We Can Provide Relief
For Dizziness and Balance Issues

We believe it’s possible to eliminate the many frustrations that come with seeing doctor after doctor with no real relief. Here at Midwest Dizziness and Balance Institute, we take an integrated approach to your care, providing diagnosis and treatment to eliminate the time-consuming challenges that come from traveling from specialist to specialist, or to different therapies. Together, we’ll create an experience that provides both solution and treatment options that are realistic and feasible. Our unwavering commitment to our patients sets us apart in the medical community.


Our practice is built on the distinction of trust. We hope you’ll feel empowered and confident in your care at every step. We also believe in patient education. Our support and clinical staff are happy to provide care, resources and consultation that will lead you to renewed emotional and physical well-being.

Who Can Benefit
from our Services?

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Midwest Dizziness and Balance Institute is an all-inclusive setting designed to restore balance and quality back to your life. We offer innovative solutions to your dizziness and vertigo problems. Our patients are often referred here by primary care doctors, cardiologists, neurologists, and otolaryngologists (ENT). We welcome patients from our referring doctors as well as self-referrals.


If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, we can help you:

  • Dizziness

  • Vertigo

  • Lightheadedness

  • ‘'Foggy-headed' feeling

  • Balance issues 

  • Motion Sensitivity

  • Disequilibrium

  • Spatial Disorientation

Diagnostics and Treatment Methods

The Institute is fully-equipped to administer quality assessments thoroughly, utilizing the most comprehensive diagnostic technology available, including:

  • Computerized Dynamic Posturography

  • 2 Neuro-Kinetics Rotational Chairs

  • Cervical and Ocular Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials (c/o VEMPs) 

  • Electrocochleography and Auditory Brainstem Response (ECochG/ABR) 

  • Videonystagmography (VNG)

  • Positional testing and treatment for all forms of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

  • And other audiologic tests

  • Advanced Vestibular Treatment (AVT)


These assessments will accurately diagnose and subsequently treat balance disorders caused by all 10 vestibular inputs. Our combination of diagnostic and treatment resources under one roof makes Midwest Dizziness and Balance Institute one of the country’s most inclusive balance facilities.

Up-to-date Training and Education

Each audiologist regularly participates in training updates, so you can be confident they’re offering the most sophisticated diagnostic technology available today. Additionally, it is our utmost priority to have the most accurate and up-to-date knowledge on vestibular dysfunction which we commit to by completely monthly continuing education. Many of our patients have previously completed a neurological evaluation, VNG (videonystagmography) or other minimal testing with other practitioners, yet continue to experience dizziness, there is hope. Testing the entire system, in both a static and dynamic way, leaves no question about what your system is doing and allows us to accurately diagnose and treat you. Our solutions are simply a visit, click, or phone call away

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Our Science-Backed Approach
to Dizziness and Balance Issues

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It is our goal to help patients safely and successfully return to their daily activities and live DIZZY-FREE. We do this through a proprietary approach, known as Advanced Vestibular Treatment, or AVT, which is a proven, audiologist-directed personalized plan that is frequently more effective in resolving symptoms caused by vestibular disorders than more traditional physical therapy options and/or medications. 


Select AVT programs may also involve a customized home-based exercise option (your treating Audiologist will determine if that’s the right option for you).


Advanced Vestibular Treatment (AVT) is a Trademark of Newport Mesa Audiology/Dizziland Inc.

Specializing in Dizziness, Vertigo, and Balance Disorders

As one of the country’s most inclusive dizziness and balance facilities, our specialties include:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Resources, with a specialty in Difficult-to-Diagnose Cases

  • Comprehensive Balance Testing of All 6 Vestibular Canals and All 10 End Organs of the Inner Ear Vestibular System

  • Personalized Results Evaluation

  • Customized Dizziness and Balance Treatment Programs

  • A success rate in upwards of 90%

Define Your Symptoms

Sometimes being able to describe your symptoms with greater accuracy can help you and your provider find the right solution for you and bring quicker relief. Using the helpful information below, browse through to find the symptoms that you can relate to most.

  • Vertigo and Dizziness
    Dizziness is a Lightheaded, Floating, or a Rocking Sensation or the sensation of being heavily weighted or pulled in one direction Vertigo is a Spinning or Whirling Sensation; A Feeling that you the person or world Is moving when it is not Symptoms can be present while sitting still and in specific positions or with movement
  • Balance and Spatial Orientation
    Imbalance, stumbling, and difficulty walking straight or when turning Clumsiness or difficulty with coordination Difficulty maintaining straight posture The tendency to look downward The tendency to touch or hold onto something when standing, or to touch or hold the head while seated Sensitivity to changes in walking surfaces or footwear Difficulty walking in the dark
  • Vision Issues
    Trouble focusing or tracking objects with the eyes; Objects or words on a page seem to jump, bounce, float, blur, or may appear doubled Discomfort in busy visual environments such as Traffic, Crowds, Stores, and Patterns Sensitivity to light, glare, and moving or flickering lights; fluorescent lights, computer/phone scrolling and monitors, and/or televisions The tendency to focus on nearby objects; Increased discomfort when focusing at a distance Increased night blindness Poor depth perception
  • Hearing Changes
    Hearing Loss, Distorted or Fluctuating Hearing Tinnitus (Ringing, Roaring, Buzzing, Whooshing, or Other Noises in the Ear) Sensitivity to loud sounds Sudden loud sounds may increase symptoms of vertigo, dizziness, and imbalance
  • Cognitive of Psychological
    Difficulty concentrating and paying attention; Easily distracted Forgetfulness and Short-Term Memory lapses Mental and/or Physical Fatigue out of proportion to the activity Loss of Self-Reliance, Self-Confidence, and Self-Esteem Anxiety, Panic, and Social Isolation Depression

Experience Balance and Dizziness Relief Today

Visit our contact page to learn how to make an appointment or to submit an inquiry with any questions regarding symptoms, treatment, or insurance.

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